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Home Insurance


Just think about it for a moment. You own a home and something happens to it like a fire or a tree falls on it during a thunderstorm. What happens? Well, if you have insurance, you get money to repair or rebuild depending on the nature of the accident. Without insurance, you do not get anything. The mortgage company requires that you have insurance to protect their investment in your home. They want to be able to get their money back if the home burns down too.


Given that you have to have it, let us look at some of the key basics of your homeowners insurance policy. What does your policy cover? In general, your policy will cover the repair costs to fix or rebuild your home (and even structures on your property like a shed or detached garage) in the case of some catastrophe, or peril. Some perils covered are a fire in your home, water damage from a broken water pipe in a bath or kitchen, damage due to a fallen tree, or even wind damage.

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